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To provide low cost investment solutions specifically tailored to each one of our clients financial goals.

This site is intended for residents of Alberta, British Columbia, and New Brunswick.

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Market Research
In depth analysis of your existing portfolio.
Cash Flow Management
Complete top to bottom cash flow review.
Investment Accounts
RRSP, RESP, Spousal RRSP , TFSA, RDSP Corporate and individual accounts.

Why Choose Peak


The days of high fees you are being charged to invest your hard earned investment dollars are over. I am a firm believer in low costs and I pass these savings onto my clients. As a licensed investment advisor I have full access to the majority of bank mutual funds and ETF’s and am able to get them at a more competitive fee if you were to walk into a bank. I have spent countless hours researching the funds that are best for you that are also cost effective for your family. As your Advisor, I will put your interests first and therefore do not invest in high MER funds.


Ever try to reach your bank advisor and they were on their 1 hour lunch break? After bank hours? Better yet trying to get a hold of someone at your local branch and being sent to their automated answer service, wasting 20 minutes and just being directed to their head office. I provide my cell number and am accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you need to reach me for any reason, I am there for you.


I am not forced to invest your money in any one fund; I can invest in different bank offering ETF and mutual funds based on your need as well as stocks, bonds and GIC’s. The research and knowledge I have done which mutual funds provide the best return with low volatility at the lowest cost. I am not forced to invest in any one bank’s mutual funds or ETF’s and are able to pick the ones that benefit the client. I work for you, and I always will act in the best interest of my clients.


I help to educate my clients, so they know what they are invested in, the risks associated with their portfolio and changes in the market. I am more than happy to make sure you have a complete understanding where your money is invested and what the current micro and macro environments will mean for you going forward. While taking time to educate my clients, I also spend hours each day reading on the most recent market movers and events that will cause the markets to shift.

Professionally Personalized Portfolios

I worked for the big 5 banks for 6 years. While there I witnessed the training and best practices. As an independent advisor attached to Peak Securities, I am able to go above and beyond the service levels you have come to expect at your financial institution. Your portfolio is often limited to bank products when you are looking for advice. These products might not be the best solution for you, but are the only ones offered by your bank. As a professional financial planner (PFP) I am able to design a 100% custom portfolio for you and your family’s exact situation. We are able to make adjustments quickly and easily and can truly design a personalized portfolio for your current stage of life.

Investment Calculator

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